This Donald Trump video “The Snake” is going viral in Europe

Perfect – that’s exactly what is happening. Now Obama has ordered our Border Patrol Agents to ‘STAND DOWN’ and allowing Isis to pour in with weapons of all kinds. It’s a deliberate ‘Take Over’ of our Country. If Congress doesn’t stop him immediately, it will be too late. They are shouting their hatred and their intentions to murder us and force Sharia Law on us, as well as Rape every woman and impregnate them to have more muslims.

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Donald Trump began reciting the lyrics to a song entitled “The Snake” at his rallies, a few weeks back, as not reported by the mainstream media.

To tell you more would be to give away the following video or ad that is allegedly making its way through Europe.

This is a POWERFUL video that cuts straight to the heart. After viewing, please share.
Published on YouTube January 18, 2016 by Rust e

“Do not allow the islamification currently happening in Europe to reach America. Act now before its too late.”

There is not one other candidate in the 2016 Elections who would dare to recite such lyrics as Trump had and for the reason that Trump has. H/t RedState Watcher.

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